Art Historical Publications

Fikrig, Michelle “Haunted by Solitude: Isolation and Communal Representation in Zanele Muholi’s Archive.” Electronic Thesis or Dissertation. Oberlin College, 2018.

Longwell, Alicia Grant, William C. Agee, Sophie Egly, and Karen Wilkin. John Graham: Maverick Modernist. Parrish Art Museum, 2017. (Illustrated Chronology by Michelle Fikrig.)

Scientific Publications

Wagemakers, A., A. Oei, M.M. Fikrig, W.R. Miellet, and J.W. Hovius. 2014. “The relapsing fever spirochete Borrelia miyamotoi is cultivable in a modified Kelly-Pettenkofer medium, and is resistant to human complement.” Parasites & vectors 7:418.

Mason, Lauren MK, Joris Koetsveld, Jos JA Trentelman, Tanja M. Kaptein, Dieuwertje Hoornstra, Alex Wagemakers, Michelle M. Fikrig et al. “Borrelia miyamotoi Activates Human Dendritic Cells and Elicits T Cell Responses.” The Journal of Immunology 204, no. 2 (2020): 386-393.

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